Textile auxiliaries

Printing auxiliaries are the needed products to make a recipe of printing paste.

  • Binders

    All kinds of acrylic, butadiene, polyurethane binders whose purpose is to fix the pigment to the textile substrate and, thus, +

  • Synthetic thickeners

    It is the product whose objective is to increase the viscosity of the medium to be able to carry out printings with definition.

  • Catalysts

    They have the function of speeding the reaction of fixing the pigment and the binder to the textile substrate.

  • Rheology modifiers

    They give to the printing paste better viscosity behavior to uncontrolled strange distortions.

  • Lubricants

    They prevent a rapid drying of the pastes during use, helping to avoid screens blocking.

  • Cleaning agents

    Auxiliary products used to facilitate the washing of the machines used during the printing process.

  • Adhesives

    Responsible for the anchoring of the fabric on the printing supports.

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