Wet processing by which performs to coloring an item, whichever is the composition: fiber, yarn and/or fabric.

  • Washing agents

    Enhances removal of unfixed dye remains in the fibre, increasing fastness.

  • Sequestering agents

    Agents aimed to react with metal ions such as magnesium or calcium, thereby preventing damage which could be caused in subsequent +

  • Garment dyeing

    It is an especially developed range of different products for garment dyeing and treatment like cationizing agents, dispersing +

  • Leveling agents

    Products which act as retardants of the colorants kinetics, thereby increasing the final equalization in the dyeing process.

  • Fixing agents

    Especial by which products increase levels of fixation and fastness dyes for all types of fibers.

  • Antifoaming agents

    Auxiliaries which act modifying the surface tension of the medium to, thereby, avoid foaming in textile wet processes.

  • Antireducing agents

    Products specially developed to prevent dye reduction and thus , facilitate the reproduction of nuance in subsequent dyeing +

  • Dispersing agents

    Dispersing agents which increase dyeing levelness over the fabric, avoiding agglomerates.

  • Crease prevention agents

    Auxiliaries to prevent the creases formation on the fabric during dyeing by exhaustion.

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